Specialty & Dimensional Lettering

Custom dimensional letters are one of the most used forms of advertising.

The letters can be made out of a metal, acrylic, or plastic. Metal is by far the most durable and lends a sense of stability. Plastic is an excellent material for businesses that need effective custom specialty lettering on a budget. Whichever your needs are we can help you identify your business to the public with custom specialty and dimensional lettering.


* Address Numbers

* Company Name/Logo on Building Façade

* Lobby Displays

* Directional Signage

Life Expectancy

* Indoor 10+ years

* Outdoor – The warranty varies by the application

* We will advise what kind warranty is on which product

Material Type and Sizes

* Sizes can vary depending on application and viewing distance

* Common Thicknesses – .125”, .25”, .5”, 1”, 1.5”, and 2”


* Available materials are:
PVC, Aluminum, Steel, Brass, Acrylic, and Foam

Use, Longevity & UV Stability

* Permanent Indoor

* Permanent Outdoor (Depending on material type used)

* Can be mounted to interior and exterior walls including drywall, stone, brick, and concrete walls

* Can be stud mounted or applied using double sided tape

Specialty Signs

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