There are very few forms of advertisement that can compare to a Vehicle Wrap.

Mobile advertising reaches both pedestrian and vehicle traffic. We can help you leverage this to benefit your business. A traveling advertisement is valuable in both urban and rural settings. In a city environment, a Vehicle Wrap can be seen by others while sitting in traffic, driving down the street and onlookers from surrounding buildings. In a rural environment, your Vehicle Wrap is visible to those in your town and others driving down the road.

Some common questions

Do I need a permit? We are applying the graphics to your vehicle so you do not need a permit, however, we always comply with local and state laws governing signage and advertising.

How long does it last? We use the finest materials available and have skilled installers that design and install your wrap. Most vehicle wraps can last from 2-8 years depending on how the customer maintains the vehicle.

How is it applied? Vehicle Wraps are applied in sheets of vinyl. The vinyl used is made for this application and has a top clear cover called a laminate. When the wrap is installed, it covers the existing paint of the vehicle. When done correctly the finished product will resemble a painted surface free of any bubbles.

Can it be removed? Yes. Vehicle Wraps are removable and most of the time leave no remaining effect on your vehicle (depending on the condition of the vehicle when installed). Sometimes if the vehicle has been repainted and if the wrap is removed it could pull the clear coat or even paint. We will inspect the vehicle before we start and ask questions to help point out possible trouble areas.

What is the cost? There are many factors that can affect the cost. We will review your vehicle and all the options, this way you get what you need at a price that is competitive and within your budget.


* Incredible low cost advertising for maximum visibility (number of viewing impressions)

* Fleet branding capabilities

* Eye catching graphics that increase awareness of your company

* Personalized customer graphics for individual

* Lamination for added durability and protection from abrasion and UV rays

* Soap and Waxes made just for a wrapped vehicle

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