One of the most versatile options in signage is our durable, weather-resistant custom vinyl banners which are great for outdoor or indoor use. We will design your banner to promote your event, celebrate a birthday or anniversary, or announce the launch of your new business. The custom banner material that we use is made from 13 oz , 10 oz, 8 oz mesh or 14 oz double sided.  The 13 oz banner material is the same material that most billboards are made out of.  The 10 oz and double sided banner material is not intended to be used as an outdoor banner.


To care for your custom banner, regularly clean them with warm water and allow them to air dry before storing. To easily store your banners, roll them up and keep them in a dry area at room temperature. Any wrinkles in your banners should come out within a couple of hours in the sun or heat.


* What size would best convey my message?

* Will I be re-using my banner and transporting it to other locations?

* Do I need a permit to display my banner?

* Will it be indoor or outdoor?

* Do I need grommets to hang my banner?*

* How long will my banner be up?

* From how far away will my audience be viewing my banner?

* Can be personalized for business and personal use

* Ideal for temporary signage

* Very cost effective and outstanding ROI (return on investment)

* Custom size to fit any purpose or budget

Our vinyl banners come in various material choices to suit your needs. Depending on where you are going to hang the vinyl banner, we will help you decide what material is best for your needs. Sign Source can provide you with full color digitally printed banners or banners with basic text; the choice is yours. Banners also come in a mesh material. You may have seen banners hanging off the sides of buildings or stadiums; some of these large banners are mesh, but still have a major impact on getting out your message.
Schools, sports teams, little leagues, local companies, charity events, golf tournaments, fairs, parades, party banners, the list is virtually endless of when a vinyl banner can be used. If your business is just opening and you need to get your logo displayed quickly a vinyl banner is a perfect choice.
Vinyl Banners also have the benefit of typically being considered a “temporary sign”. Banners are typically a short term product compared to other sign products, but some vinyl banners can last many months when properly installed.
We will design your banner taking into account your message, size of the banner, size of letters needed for proper reading at the viewing distance, layout to have the most impact, colors that work well together, and other strategies to help your message pop on the vinyl banner.


13 oz vinyl, reinforced scrim, durable, inexpensive, water resistant, multi-use , tapped hem, sewn hem. We can add webbing and gussets to strengthen the banner. Uses: Indoor/Outdoor, business and sale promotion, tradeshows, fairs, welcome home, happy birthday, other personal uses.

10 oz. vinyl, reinforced scrim, durable, inexpensive, water resistant, multi-use with tapped hem and grommets.

Mesh Banner is an 8 oz coated polyester scrim mesh banner material. This material has a 37% air-flow through and is ideal for outdoor banners, protective barriers and fence wraps. Sewn or welded hem, with or without webbing and grommets.


* Can be personalized for business and commercial use

* Ideal for temporary signage

* Very cost effective and outstanding ROI (return on investment)

* Custom size to fit any purpose or budget


Banners are one of the easiest signage applications to install. Use cords, strings or bungees to attach the corner grommets to a stationary object, such as poles. You can also use screws and washers to install your banners to rigid backgrounds such as wood or concrete, or you can use zip ties or string to fasten them to fences or between posts.

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